About Us

Rayhaana and I have this almost ritual where we embrace one another after our prayers together. She would stand on her toes so that she is 'almost' my height and then tightly wraps her arms around my neck refusing to let go. Since our very first prayer together - on our honeymoon somewhere in Hermanus, we would embrace each other and I would sometimes tease her by saying, 'That's right, work those calves lady' but she would just tighten her grip even more. But hugging had since gone beyond just prayers whether Rayhaana runs late in the morning, we stand at the front door and embrace one another almost as though she is about to take a journey overseas. We were quite surprised one morning when a lady whom we didn't know at the time walked by saying, "Good morning!" adding, "My favorite couple" because every morning at about the same time, Rayhaana and I would say our good bye's the same way we do every morning - with an embrace that lasts quite a while. I've realized how much our embrace means to her, she enjoys hearing my heartbeat when we are 'knotted' in our embrace. Now, even when we do say our farewells when she is in a hurry in the morning, I kinda remind her in the afternoon that she owes me more time in our hug when we arrive home. It feels real good. It makes me feel connected to her in an extraordinary way! Shoukey

Welcome to our site! Thank you for taking the time to read a bit more about us! We are a husband and wife relationship coaching team, offering multiple perspectives on every challenge.

We believe that to get the most out of any relationship, every perspective needs to be considered. Whether that be the traditional and the modern, the masculine and the feminine or even the spiritual and the secular.

Every relationship has more than one side and one cannot exist without the other. Any form of coaching or counselling cannot be done from one perspective, so as a married couple and as coaching and counselling professionals ourselves, we work together and help change the lives of those we meet.

This site is an outlet for us, to share our passions, our stories and our struggles. Like the relationship coaching company we run together, we want this blog to act as an opportunity for healing and growth, but also to act as an opportunity for you to get to know us before you take the all important step of beginning to consciously create the loving relationships you’ve always dreamed of.

Shoukey and I are passionate about people, and like many out there, we too have messed up, got it wrong at some point, took a few punches from life and threw a few of our own. Our fight for clarity, victory and self love is what makes us so passionate and excited to help others achieve happiness in their lives too.

Though we have relevant academic qualifications, our world of pain and experience has been our most valued classroom. We are here to connect with you and support you in getting your relationship to the next level – a level of understanding, passion, clarity and happiness.

We look forward to having you enter our space, to share, to laugh, to learn, but most importantly, to make extraordinary relationships a world wide reality! If you’d like to chat to us or arrange a consultation, don’t hesitate to visit the contact page and drop us a mail, we’d love to hear from you!